Additional Services

Registered Address Service in Istanbul

All Turkish companies shall have a registered official address which will appear on public records and company documents. This registered address will be also the correspondence address before all administrative bodies and it is highly important that you have control over all the correspondences made related to administrative and legal affairs.

We are aware of how difficult it may be to find a suitable company address in Turkey for foreign investors especially if it is obtained only for legal obligations and is not subject to actual use.

At this point, we offer you our Registered Address Service to help you to run your business safely.

Please contact us for our fees for the Registered Address Service.


Storage Services

Once a Turkish Company is duly incorporated, corporate documents and books such as General Assembly Resolution Book, Board of Directors Resolution Book, Share Ledger must be kept securely and properly.

We offer to store your corporate files safely in one place.

Please contact us for our fees for the Storage Service.